Quitus Fiscal

Hi all

I am moving permanently at end June and bringing my U.K. car. Trying to get a head start on the registration process as aware there are delays with the ANTS system. Is it possible to request quitus fiscal online?

Also do I need to convert speedometer from from miles to Km?


No on the Speedo, not sure on the QF :slight_smile:

You do have to sort your lights out though, that will depend on the model.

Thanks James, thankfully our lights are ok so that’s a tick in the box.

Not necessarially no on the speedo. If your vehicle does not have Europeans Conformity and you need to go through the manufacturer to get a certificate of partial Conformity you might well have to change the speedometer unless mph and kmh are clearly marked on it. If your car has European Conformity it will not crop up. Even if your car is under four years old and does not need a CT you must endure that the lights comply.
The QF cannot be applied for online, you have to present the paperwork at your local tax office. You cannot import the car until it has been imported anyway.

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This video shows clearly what needs to be done… excellent and easy to follow.

You gather the documents as per their list, email them to your local office and that office will contact you to make an appointment to collect the Quitus Fiscal…

THanks David, I have a certificate of conformity from Hyundai. The speedometer shows both miles and km the counter is in miles. Understood re QF I’ll have to be patient!

Fab thanks Stella!

This gives the video as above, but with more of a written explanation too … hope it all helps