Quizz - Do you know your French cheeses?

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I scored 6 out of 10 … need to dip into the cheesboard a lot more :wink:


Which is very amusing as I know nothing about cheese, don’t like the stuff and guessed most of the answers!

Phew. May not have well enough to pass the test to become english, but at least I got 10/10 on cheese…

6/10 not bad for me because I actually prefer British cheese! Not keen on soft cheeses.

Tried again this year… can’t believe I got some wrong… I’m obviously not ageing as well as the cheeses… :wink:

9/10 I’m happy with that, :yum:although I do miss a nice chunk of white stilton

Only 5/10 mostly guessing, I don’t eat cheese so rarely look at the counter.

Ha ha… @Fran24… so, you must have really needed some diversion to take the quizz :hugs: :upside_down_face: :laughing:

I’ll try and find a different topic/quizz for you…

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Counting rice grains or know your cheeses :balance_scale: decisions decisions :wink::crazy_face::hugs:


9/10 : I didn’t know the most Emmental was produced in Brittany!