Rachel Sarai's Vineyard, an autobiograpic novel

... written by lil' ol' me.

In a Europe where the Nazis apply Henry Ford's industrial philosophy to the destruction of human beings, a little girl might expect her home to be a place of shelter and protection from the indescribable horrors of war. But five-year-old Rachel Sarai must take over her father's work in the Dutch Resistance, distribute messages, smuggle people to safety during curfew hours, lie, steal, and confront the Gestapo. Her home is a chilling microcosm of the outside world: unsafe and driven by visceral hatred, jealousy, brutality and lust for power. She learns how an unscrupulous woman can manipulate the worst catastrophe in human history to serve her own domestic agenda. She comes to understand the extent of evil one warped individual is capable of, but survives thanks to the unadulterated love another person gives her during the first seven years of her life.

The mature Rachel Sarai telling her story refuses to pretend that life is nice or that she is nice.

You will find no euphemisms here, no evasion, no holding back, no mincing of words.

It's probably pointless waiting for the movie. Most of this book could never be filmed. This is as dark as it gets.

(David Gardiner)

Anybody interested in a free cpy, drop me a line.

It’s a horrible, dreadful story. Brilliantly told and making compulsive reading. I read it when it was first published. Anybody reading it will probably recognise that this is pure autobiography - you couldn’t make it up. And the story behind its forced transformation from “autobiography” to “autobiographic novel” - well that’s another story entirely, and it’s equally shocking.

I am happy to do that, let me finish the book and we can have a phone call

Something we should maybe have a chat about on the phone, or via email? I’m most interested. Have any good contacts? Most, if not all of mine are dead :frowning:

I would love to help you turn it into a screenplay Ruth