Radio Broadcast licence?

(Dan Arnold 2) #1

Hi guys,

Would anyone have any idea how to obtain a radio broadcast licence?

I’m thinking of starting an English radio station (or at least a slot on an existing station) in the Dordogne, and would like to know how much it might cost.



(Maureen McSheehy) #2

Hi Dan
I was given this link by Catherine. Do you mean you want to be a radio amateur? If so, I can give you a bit more help.

(Dan Arnold 2) #3

Hi Jillian,

I am back now, but I am in and out this week. Perhaps you could ring me on my mobile and I can ring you straight back. 06 29 77 74 77. Thanks, Dan

(Jillian Hocking) #4

That would be good Dan. Email me your landline number and let me know what day to ring. Around this time is good for me. Thanks. - E:

(Dan Arnold 2) #5

Hi Jillian,

I will be be back in France on sat/sun. Maybe we can talk next week?


(Jillian Hocking) #6

Hi Dan, are you back? Would you like to talk further?
Cheers, Jillian

(Jillian Hocking) #7

Hi Dan,
I’m in Australia at the moment and won’t be back in France for several weeks. I’m happy to call you (on a landline) when you get back. If that’s ok, email me your number and we’ll work out a mutually convenient time.
Look forward to talking.

(Dan Arnold 2) #8

Hi Jillian,

I’m off the UK today, for a week, but I would love to chat when I get back. What’s the best way to get in touch?

(Jillian Hocking) #9

Hi Dan, I’m manager of the bilingual internet station, Radio Aquitaine -
We have an office at IUT Bordeaux University IV, Perigueux and quite a few great volunteers making programs. The station is moving along really well and we’re always looking for more volunteers. I’d be very interested to meet with you and we can discuss further. I’ll be applying for a licence next year. Hope to hear from you. Cheers, Jillian

(Catharine Higginson) #10

Hi Dan
Jillian is an Sf member…
C x

(Dan Arnold 2) #11

Thanks guys - it’s been very helpful.

(Cate Chambers) #12

Hi Dan,

Was very interested to read your post here…until recently I worked in a media environment, managing a community radio station at the University in Cork (Ireland), as well as presenting radio shows on the national broadcaster RTÉ. I know in Ireland that a radio licence is granted by the Broadcasting Commission of Ireland (BCI) (recently renamed the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland) - and am not altogether sure, but think it may be OfCom that grants similar licences in the UK.

It may depend on whether you’re thinking of launching a commercial station or a community station (the latter being an area I’d know a bit more about), but if it were a community station, you could access vital information via and also AMARC (an umbrella body for community stations worldwide)

Let me know how you get on - I’m moving to France reasonably soon, and still have the broadcasting bug!

Best wishes,

(Bob Toovey) #13

Still think using the Internet is the best bet. Would give a world wide audience and not just local. I am happy to help with that if you are looking for assistance…


(Craig McGinty) #14

I chatted with the person behind Radio Aquitaine (it was going to be Radio Dordogne) and it has taken quite some time and a lot of hoop jumping:

(Michael Connors) #15

That sounds like a nice project. If would like a website to go with your radio station let me know. Also if you find out about the costs and license requirements I would be interested in hearing about them.

(Bob Toovey) #16

I left a comment on FB but I thought I would repeat it here.

Have you considered broadcasting via the Internet? Might be a lot easier/cheaper to do.