I know we need it. I know Iposted in February that the imposed "rest" in the house for a month was a great chance to read and drink chocolate.........BUT what is everyone else doing to give their moral a boost this week????? I am turning into a domestic goddess , the house is spotless, the freezer full, etcetc, what now???? The dogs are bored, we brave the rain for half an hour or so every day but they want to be outside, me too!!!! What are you all doing to kepp smiling????


I think we need to learn to dance in the rain!have a good day.

It did thanks Annie, and another one this afternoon but it's really windy! Glad you enjoyed your swim, it'll soon be time to play in the sun again, well we've got sun and temperature already up to 16° so hopping for another 20° later like yesterday afternoon, roll on summer... ;-)

Took the dogs to the lake for a long walk, I was SO wet decided to swim with them!!!!!!It was delicious. Decided to be a domestic goddess and clean cook iron till my arms drop off so that everything is done when the sun comes out, and I can play!!!!Hope the ride went well????

It's got to be the wettest April for years Annie, although it's dry today and the sun is out, this evening's training ride will probably be on for the first time in weeks! Keep your chin up, summer'll be here soon ;-)