(Paula Jayne Butterworth) #1

Hi Peeps -
Post any off theme pictures on here :wink: failure to comply will result in severe consequences

(Stuart Wilson) #2

A400M flying over Livernon in September Air-show


(Catharine Higginson) #3

I’ll make sure I pass the brief on next time it come s up then :))

ps just checked out your site (v quickly as meant to be working ) and loved the lancs beach shot - gorgeous.

(Andy McNee) #4

I think I have a photo somewhere that matches that but maybe it was Wigan not Huddersfield and perhaps she was blonde

(Catharine Higginson) #5

That’s brilliant!

Can we have a new thread? Most stupid photo combinations… (just joking!)

James belongs to some site where they post briefs and they are so specific / bizarre it is untrue " Left handed dark haired short woman with a limp drinking from a coke can (Must be Pepsi not Coke) outside Huddersfield train station on a weekday morning" is pretty much par for the course. Needless to say not a great income stream…

(Paula Jayne Butterworth) #6


everyone allowed a rant every now and then and it was probably my fault for not making the thread idea more clear <3

(Andy McNee) #7

Point taken PJ I did go slightly off on rant, sorry here is the red car dog cloud combination as promised

(Paula Jayne Butterworth) #8

Actually John thats technically 2 cars not a car :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

(John MacMAHON) #9

Did someone mention a car thread?