Rangemaster 110 cooker LPG connection hose?

We have recently moved to France and brought our Rangemaster 110 dual fuel cooker. I have a set of jets to convert from Natural Gas to LPG - however, I will need to replace the hose from natural gas to a LPG compatible hose that has the right connection.

Has anyone undertake a conversion of this sort and advise where I can purchase such a hose - we are near Bergerac.

Thanks in advance.

Most of the large 'DIY' stores have what you need. Since you are near Bergerac then try Tridôme. We did similar with a gas stove some friends bought in Poland. It has two burner rings so adjustments were required as Martin suggests.

Mike, we had a Rangemaster brought out and changed it over. If my memory serves me right, we had to purchase the hose and bottle valve, remove a natural gas connector, double female, from the fixed steel pipe on the back of the cooker, and then simply connect up all the bits.

Do remember that once all the jets are changed you need to adjust the flame height and, for peace of mind, soapy water test all of the connections you have touched.