You all have heard of Ransomware, I assume. There is a new, nice little tool that claims to avoid such attacks. Has a rather good reputation. Try it out! Save your data.


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just to add to this, while software can stop alot of this stuff there a few easy steps to take to protect yourself, they cost nothing and will save a lot of heartache

  1. Never open an attachment in an email unless you were expecting it. Even if it comes from someone you may trust, even if they say it is safe, that Power Point may well have things embeded in it, even that funny cat picture your mum/brother/granddad/daughter sent you may contain a virus of one description or another

  2. Never just click on any box that opens. ALWAYS read it, if you cannot decide if you should say yes or no, reboot your computer.

  3. Always backup important stuff, want to make sure you don’t lose those photos? want to make sure you always have those accounts to hand? Then be safe, upload them to an online storage such as Dropbox, Icloud, Google Drive or similar, also keep them on a USB drive, always have one copy local and one far away if the information is important to you.

no software is ever fully safe and please do not rely on anything ever to protect you. Only you can do that


Great comments, thanks!

The problem I have Bernhard is that I will NOT ever go to the link that you offer precisely because it might contain software that does all the things you mention to my PC and data.

Aside from the procedures described by “Deleted account anon1883113” some decent security software is always essential and of course have a different and long * +characters/numbers/etc.) password for each web site you access.

James. what does “Deleted account anon1883113” mean? That looks very suspicious to me!

Purely your decision and appreciated.
Stay safe