Rascism in France

Ok this is a difficult one. Been staying in Marseille for a week and found it a vibrant multicultural city friendly people great food and tons of art, music dance film.
Here is the thing a saw young black, Arab and Asian kids being stopped and searched aggressively by the police. Not once did any of these stops result in anything and not once did I see any white youths being stopped. I had a chat with some of those stopped and they were just lads having a night out in the warm evening. They said it was ’nornale’ in the city centre outside of the areas they lived in and they expected to be searched 2 or 3 tines a month.
Is it any wonder they feel alienated?

That should be ‘normale’

Pas du tout, ici nornale est la nouvelle normale :grinning:

Honi soit qui mal y pense :thinking:

Unfortunately it’s been like that for decades. In my experience non-white people are stopped by the police much more often. Does this make the police ‘racist’ or is it officers simply respecting a directive from their superiors ?
A bit like ‘you will stop every 4th white van and check the paperwork’ etc etc

Reminds me of the apocryphal motoring offence of “Driving a BMW Series 3 while black” :worried:

I used to go through a military checkpoint most days and I got fed up with being asked to show all of my documents more often than my colleagues. I discovered what the problem was when somebody pointed out that they were playing snooker, my car was red and red cars were stopped before each appropriate colour. I think that they might play the same game at Eurotunnel as I was pulled to the side before 12 out of 13 crossings when leavin* the UK. That might have been different though because that car did once trigger the explosives thing when the swab was analysed.

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