Rats or mice or something else in the roof!


(James Higginson) #21

@robert_moon what’s your take on those ultrasound things, I’ve just plugged one in but I’m not convinced they do anything?!

(robert moon) #22

There are a lot of gimmicks out there which are a complete waste of money. If you live on the Heathrow flight path, the first 3 months is annoying, after that you ignore the jumbo 500m above your head whilst having tea and scones in your back garden, whereas your mother in law living in Cornwall has just had a cardiac arrest.

Do not waste your money, same as those solar sonic mole things. However white noise (detuned radio) the noise is variable and they don’t can’t get used to it and it will eventually drive them away.

Vibrations are more effective. This is the only product I’ve found that works, sorry back to French! It’s designed for farms and sends shock waves through the buildings. It ain’t cheap though.


Transducteur électronique émettant des vibrations acoustiques à une fréquence de 15,6 kHz avec une pression acoustique de 90 Db à 1 mètre de distance.
Ces vibrations, qui se propagent, dans l’air en ligne droite et sont réfléchies par les corps solides non phono-absorbants, désorientent les rats, souris, loirs … par hypersensibilisation de l’ouïe et les repoussent sans utiliser aucun produit chimique.

S’utilise seul avec une alimentation secteur.
Niveau de protection IP 66 qui assure une protection complète contre la poussière et les jets d’eau.

Conçu en conformité avec les normes HACCP et la norme CE.

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Can you try your pdf upload please @robert_moon should be enabled now


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Info regarding the Racumin Foam…in French


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Geez I need to put my prices up. I sell it for 16€ht a kilo:confounded:

“qualité professionnelle formulés” All products for amateur or professional have the same toxicity. If the am dram is not as toxic, the rodents won’t die. Don’t be afraid of buying bait from supermarkets. Although I prefer blocks, they are less prone to falling out of bait boxes.

FT_63_FT_NOTRAC_2010.pdf (448.8 KB)

RTFM (read the manual)

(Alex Thurgood) #26

I think I need to get myself some of that. I saw some on Amazon, but don’t know whether it is available for shipping in/to France.

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Hi All,
Very helpful thread.
I don’t want to hijack it, but I’ve also been having some sleepless nights. I thought I had a fouine in my roof space rght above my bed because the sounds of the animals steps were pretty heavy. Then I discovered that fouine make screetching sounds.
The animals here are silent except for running around like crazy in the middle of the night, eating what sounds like wires, shuffeling around in the day, and driving me nuts.
I found some poo. Here’s a photo.
What do you think I’m dealing with?

(James Higginson) #28

@robert_moon is our resident expert, I’m sure he can enlighten you! Good luck

(stella wood) #29

I’m an expert on bat-poo…:relaxed: and am intrigued to learn what is in your loft… :thinking:

(robert moon) #30

My reckoning is that the poo is rat. Way too small for fouine and bat poo is about the size of a grain of rice, usually concentrated in one area, just below where they roost.

Have you been baiting already? The poo looks reddish as though they’ve already taken some bait.

Please pm me your details and I’ll email you a brochure regarding rodent treatment. It will talk you through what you can do to prevent and treat.

Kind regards

(Roy Jackson) #31

Thanks Robert,
I was thinking rat at first also but the owner of the house says he thinks it’s Lerot or Loir.
I remember the smell of rats from my cellar in Berlin. I’m not getting that smell here.
Also it might be helpful to mention that when I hit the wall right where they are sleeping or moving on the other side, they don’t run. They freeze, wait a few moments then continue their business.
The attic space is about 5 meters off the ground so they must be climbing the rock wall on the outside.
They never come in the house except once I saw what I thought was a grey mouse scurry across the floor inside. right up the chimney.
I haven’t tried baiting yet. The picture might make it seem a bit red but they are black.
I’ll PM you.

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You full name is required Roy, it is a condition of membership. Please can you amend your profile before posting again?


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Sorry about that. I just updated :slight_smile:

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Phew, so glad it isn’t a giant bat…:laughing:

(Roy Jackson) #36

Ha. Me too!

(Susie Reardon) #37

I have a similar problem and think the wild life camera is a great idea. Thank you.