Raw food

Hello everyone!

I have been looking for a while in France for raw food for my cat. Does anyone have any sources?



We have a small backyard, but it’s not accessible to the rest of the outside, so no, she doesn’t hunt.

My cat eats mainly mice,and rabbits. She eats them whether I want her to or not, so I guess cats can be counted as pretty self-regulating when it comes to dietry requirements. Doesn’t your cat hunt? and if not isn’t this a bit strange? I guess if not it must be in a flat.

My cat is a rescue animal, is a fit 12 yr old, and has never needed a vet except for the micro-chip and the neutering.

Thanks Julie,
I will look into that Ara-Beta 3000. Did you have your vet inject it, I guess? I just got Dr. Becker’s book in the mail, so now need to work on refining the diet! Our ‘tortie’ found us when she was very small - don’t know where her mother was, but she came to our back door crying (sounding like a small baby!).
Thanks for sharing my frustration!

Thanks Julie,
I used Tanya’s crf site a lot when my other cat (she died last Sept.) had crf. It helped me decide to give sub-cut. fluids at home. This cat has numbers in the normal range still, but I am watching them and want to do preventative things. My vet can’t understand why I don’t want to give her the Hills dry food he wants to sell me. I send him a bunch of the websites and resources I use, so he understands where I am coming from, but it’s seems impossible to find a holistic vet here that knows about species-appropriate feeding. Oh well, it’s up to us to do it on our own! My cat has joint issues too - just starting to get some arthritis, I think - so I want to add something to her food for that. I hope Dr. Becker’s book helps me make up a good diet and I will use the vet only for blood tests, etc.
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Thanks for the great links. I am awaiting the delivery of Dr. Karen Becker’s book: Real Food for Healthy Cats and Dogs. Right now I am feeding her Aalmo cans (only chicken or fish and rice) - seems to be the least processed canned food I can buy. I also give her chicken or turkey breasts a couple times a week. And I add digestive enzymes, pet vitamins and sometimes ground up eggshells to the canned food. Making a totally homemade food is very time consuming, and I am worried about not getting the right balance of nutrients, esp. stuff like taurine, so I am using canned and raw meat. Hopefully the recipes in the book coming won’t be very complicated. Would love to hear from anyone feeding their cats non-commercial foods, esp. if they have any kidney disease, etc. Thanks!

Hi Julie, could you try again please, the link doesn’t work and I’d love to have a peek at this website too.

Hi Amy,
I also don’t quite know what you mean. Do you want to B.A.R.F. your cat?
Our cats get raw meat about 3 times per week. I would like to feed them entirely raw meat, but I am too worried I might not get the percentage of supplements right and they might eventually suffer from malnutrition. I give them “gigolettes de lapin” (rabbit hind legs), chicken wings, quails, beef and veal heart and beef steak. I cut the meat into fairly large pieces so they have something to chew on and it also cleans their teeths at the same time. They absolutely love it. It is best to try out and see what your cat likes. Ours also enjoy raw sardines or other fish.

Not quite sure what you mean Amy, can you be more specific please?