Does anybody have any professional knowledge or otherwise of the above. I have found a wood burner for sale which suits in all ways apart from the fact that the white enamel is in poor condition.

Firstly, I wonder if the whole thing has to be redone or can it be ‘patched’? Secondly, does anybody know of anywhere in Brittany (preferably Morbihan) this can be done? Is it even feasible?

Do you have a photo ?? Is it possible to replace the panel… I’ve no idea, just wondering if there is another way of doing things…

You could also ask at your local “woodburner” shop… they are generally quite helpful, even if you are not buying one of their fires… might be worth asking the question…

You’ll probably need to buy and refit all the joints anyway… and any other bits that need replacing to make sure the fire burns safely… and your local shop will be able to advise on all that … too… :thinking:

Thank you Stella. It would be checked over and a shop visit is an option.
I am hoping that somebody on here has some experience of enamelling or even does it as a hobby. In that matter however I do realise that equipment costs would likely preclude home activities other than perhaps for small items such as jewellery.

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There certainly are people around… take a look, is this any help…?

There is a place at Vannes, does sand blasting, it’s on the North side of the périphérique, just West of the Redon, Rennes exit, you can see it from the road, a place like that could well know about specialists doing that sort of finishing.

Thank you both. I telephoned Sandrine in Huelgoat and although she can do pieces larger than jewellery a ‘poele a bois’ is beyond her remit. She said that the nearest enterprise with an oven that large is in Limoges and she presumably knows her stuff. I shall either try Limoges or look for another woodburner.

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Well, at least you got to speak with someone in the know…

just how big is the piece you want re-enamelled… we still have not seen a pic :thinking:

Well it is just a modest/average size wood burner and I regret to say I will not be posting a picture but advice has been appreciated.

No probs…just interested to see what sort of wood burner you are talking about… there are so many styles/versions… :thinking:

Yes there are. This is a Jotul F300. I do not have a picture which is why I shall not be posting it. Cheers.

Jotul is a good marque… be interesting to learn how you get on… :grin:

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Put one in a bungalow I built in Galloway, Scotland Stella, it ran the C Heating/hot water, 4 bedroom place, excellent wood burner.

Yes they are very good wood burners.We had a model ‘3’ in our last house which I am beginning to wish I had taken with us.

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I have recently had a Jotul F500 fitted in my house. I looked at the F300s in the showroom and they seemed good value, I presume that the secondhand one you have found is very cheap if it needs work.


Yours looks like cast iron to me David… lovely…

It is, they are available enabled but that’s not my thing.

Pleased to see that you have some ‘sooty’ firebricks behind your poêle David.
I have spent hours and hours trying to clean them at my ‘partners’ house. He finally said ‘why bother, they are authentic, it’s an old house, leave them as they are’ ! Wish he had said that before I started :roll_eyes:


Have you contacted Jotul? They are a company that take pride in their products so may well have a technical department that can advise.

good idea Jane…

I cleaned them years ago and liked the worn effect so left it like that. At some point I bought a spray especially designed for cleaning bricks in fireplaces. It’s still in a cupboard unused after several years. The installation of the Jøtul has actually made the bricks become more of a feature as it sits further forward from the fireplace than the old woodburner and they removed a wooden baffle that had been below the stone lintel. Both things have made the bricks easier to see. The only good thing about the rapidly approaching autumn is that I will, at last, be able to light it and take advantage of my new woodburner.
Having said that a friend who lives in Lancashire posted a photo of her roaring woodburner on FB yesterday. Apparently the weather there has been less than summery.