Re-entering France after 31 December

Hello all,

I am a French resident, I am employed here on a CDI.

I have applied for my carte de sejour (on the no deal Brexit site last year). The only ‘proof’ that was provided of my application was an auto-reply email I got saying it had been received, and will be processed in due course.

Given the prefectures have until October 2021 to provide us with our residency permits (and mine is notoriously slow) is this email going to be sufficient as proof at the border that I am a French resident under the WA if I want to re-enter France from the UK after 31 December 2020?

As per this article: does the email count as ;

*“a residence document issued under the WA”


“a certificate of application for your new residence status issued by your host country” ?

I have not been able to get any clear information from either UK or French officials, who seem to only know what the rules are until the transition period ends, and once we have the permits safely in our hands, but not the interim period.

Many thanks all.

Hi Sarah… and welcome

Last year’s applications are gradually being dealt with…

Which is your Prefecture ???

Having just looked at the email receipt for my application last year…

It is titled:
Attestation d’Enregistrement de Demand de Titre No xx-xxx
etc etc

Take another look at your email… it is probably what is being mentioned as a suitable document …

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Are you returning before the end of June 2021? As everything seems to say that the kind of proof required before that date is pretty minimal - so the email about your application for a CDS and some evidence that you live here should be enough. I feel that customs officials have probably got better things to do than argue with someone who seems to have the right bits of paper.


don’t worry about it, you are fine to enter and leave with no documents until October of next year. The email, as Stella mentioned is fine, just keep a copy in your passport.


Hello all,

Thank you for your replies and reassurances.

Yes my email does have a number on it, so I’ll be sure to have that with me, and perhaps my work contract and bail just in case.

For those in the process of getting an Irish passport (and therefore not applying for a CdS in France) would proof of citizenship and passport application be sufficient in this case?

I assume the worst that would happen is they stamp my passport as a tourist… does anyone know what the consequences of that are?

Thanks again everyone, great forum :slight_smile:

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Unless you are 100% sure that you are going to have the Irish passport in time you should still apply for the CDS in case it goes over the cut off. No harm in having both. This is also the recommendation for those in the process of getting French nationality.


Apologies for the delay and thank you for this answer Tory - makes sense.
Thanks again