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This site seems to be becoming a branch of the Anglo sites/journals The Local, The Connexion etc. If you want to read dreck then it’s up to you but re-posting “interesting articles” is just plain boring.

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Hello David

They may be boring to you but some of us find these articles interesting, but horses for courses and no one is making you read them ! :slight_smile:


How does one repost an article from a news media site? and is there any Copyright infringement we need to be aware of?

I ask because l too see lots of stuff that l find interesting and relevant that could be shared - I’m sure David Gay does too.


Maybe it is when a link to the article is posted from the original website…

…if it is a link TO the actual website…It opens the Actual website, therefore cannot be a copyright infringement ?

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You certainly have a point of view David; and in your eyes they may be boring. What about everyone else that uses this site ?
Put yourself in other people shoes a little.


I’m with David on this, in principle
A link to an article that you would like to start a discussion about, and you go on to give your own point of view, is in the spirit of a forum. Posting a random link without any comment and waiting for other people to take the trouble to read it and comment, is lazy IMHO. If the subject is of particular interest to you, surely you would want to say how you feel about it and explain to people why you chose this particular article over the myriad other articles on the same topic out there on the net. Because in most cases, for every article that says grey is a paler shade of black, there will usually be another article that says grey is a darker shade of white. So why are you encouraging them to read this article rather than one with an opposing point of view? Cards on the table, please.
However - I totally exclude James from this because it’s his forum, which makes it his job to animate it. Some of the hooks he throws out will catch on and some won’t. No problem with that, it’s appreciated.


I don’t mind the re-posting of articles at all. The ones I am interested in I will read and the rest I just ignore.

A re-posted article was how I found out about the problems with Levothyrox and realised that the symptoms I was experiencing were the side effects of that drug and not a terrible new illness. I’m very thankful to the person who posted that link. You never know what other people may find useful or helpful.


Unfortunately Glenn I’ve been on this site quite a while and it’s nothing like as original and interesting as it was. It’s becoming slightly but only slightly better than the Knuckle Grazer’s Gazette.

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Thanks for your feedback David.

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It’s a shame if people find that a site becomes of less interest, due to whatever reason; especially one that provides so much useful information, from well informed contributors.
Not that i know, but presume some of this is…it’s already all been said, type syndrome ? If that is a main reason, yes i can sort of get that.
But things don’t stay still; and lots of rules and ways change, so there is always something to say…but perhaps not as fast as was the case when the site was younger.
But lets not forget, at the same time; it is not up to other people to provide each of us with something interesting to read. We could all contribute something I expect, whatever that may be…

and David, you have contributed a talking point , so yay :slight_smile:


I think that we need to realize we’re posting in a non-published form on SF. I mean, this a blog, not a book. And we’re not representing anything other than our own opinions. If you did want more info about the specifics of fair use and/or copyright infringement, you could take a look at the Fair Use description at Stanford University (, “…[N]o permission is required when providing the name or publicly accessible URL (Web address) for any website.” This excerpt from Stanford’s web page, refers to publishing website URLs. It gets kind of detailed under the part that is even more pertinent to what we’re talking about, so I used this more brief description. If you want the full explanation, read the section a little further down on Stanford’s website under “Linking.”

The main key phrase, though, is ‘publicly accessible’.

More to the point, perhaps for our SF use, might be that you do get what you pay for, of course. There are reputable sources and then there are sources that offer their content for free and it’s so easy to access the latter that we might want it to be more reputable than it actually is…

When I find I’m reading and/or offering URL links to news/journal articles from sources (I consider to be reputable), say, The Guardian, I do offer a donation from time to time since I don’t regularly subscribe. But the articles on that website are publicly available.

Companies who make money from publishing article content, do a good job of keeping us from crossing the line into infringement. You can’t post a viable link to the full article when the content is proprietary, such as those in most Baker & Taylor journals; or, if you do a search via a proprietary database such as Lexis Nexis, and find an article for which you want to then post the link, you can post that link but when someone else clicks on it nothing will come up.

I have a couple of thoughts which may not on surface seem to relate to this topic; however, perhaps on further inspection they might. Does no one on the Team have time/skills with which to separate and manage the ‘wheat’ from the ‘chaff’, so to speak? It actually might be up to the SF Team to make it possible for David to find more interesting items; but more importantly, it might make it possible to direct the ‘flow’ of the website. (Specifically, where are the FAQs and/or ‘useful links’? What happened to them…?) It’s great to have the water-cooler/neighborly picket-fence aspect where Knuckle Grazer’s Gazette fans can relate to their heart’s content. However, in between the neophytes and the knuckle-grazers, are those who could use a bit more sophistication (to which I hope eventually to aspire). That’s where management of the content comes in. You can’t manage the users, as that’s akin to herding cats. But you can manage the system and make it work so folks like David can find the richness and variety they (seem to, as I’m putting words in David’s mouth) desire. That’s up to the Team. You guys need to know how to organize/facilitate/manage. Keep the fluff down to a dull roar, keep the relevance high… for all levels of users. Right?

The site contains a huge range of useful and informative posts. It also contains some others. Surely it is up to individuals to select those that suit or interest them, we can’t all expect the ‘team’ to do a triage on our behalf.


Personally I find this site a brilliant way to keep in touch with my co patriots, I don’t use it often, so re posting is good for us lazies. Don’t change anything James.

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You were doing quite well there Glen until you got to yay.

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Thank you Anna. I think I was really getting seriously hackedof with the Panglossian Ms Wood. Snippets from Sud Ouest, which I read most days, handed down by let’s all be nice to each other Ms Wood I find very annoying. The SF site used, when I joined, to be inhabited by originators not by cut and pasters.

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Anna Anna Watson

November 26

I’m with David on this, in principle

I for one enjoy reading snippets from Sud Ouest. I understand that as some people read this most days it may be ‘annoying’ to see the same articles here ,but as I have already said surely the answer is to ‘skip’ that post.

Personally I like optimistic and friendly people and I do think that posting ‘personal remarks’ about other SF members should be carefully considered as to the hurt this can cause.

We are all different, the newspapers and articles that some like will not please others, just who decides what is the Wheat and the Chaff ?

I have been guilty of posting what may be ‘trivia’ under the wrong heading, but it’s not the end of the world.

To err is human, to forgive divine ! :slight_smile:


I suppose the problem for me was that I used to think of this as a place to come specifically to escape from “information overload” on whatever stories the mainstream media are pushing at the moment. A breath of fresh air if you like. I have an online subscription a French daily where there’s a section where subscribers can comment on stories, I keep an eye on OuestFrance for local info, I keep half an eye on the UK news, and as an ex-journalo I still get regular alerts from various other sources, and that’s more than enough, the last thing I need is another news site. When I needed a break from working but I couldn’t leave the computer in case of emails needing a quick answer, I used to pop in here pour me changer les idées (I can’t think how to say that in English!). It used to do the trick nicely but now for whatever reason it doesn’t, and I think that’s partly but not entirely to do with the increase in re posted content. But a forum is what the majority of its users want it to be, and I have no wish to argue with that. I’m going to get my exercise mat out and spend my work breaks trying to shed a few pounds :laughing:

@David_GAY I think you are being rude now. You’ve made your point, I have taken on board what you have to say and others have politely expressed their opinions. I’ve said this on many occasions previously when we receive criticism of content. This is a public forum and you and everyone else here is free to post whatever content they see fit and relevant for the purposes of community discussion.

In short, instead of criticising what you don’t like, how about contributing something yourself on a subject that matches your criteria? :slight_smile:


I see from your profile page that apart from this post, the previous topic you started was nearly 18 months ago, we’re long overdue for some fresh content from you don’t you think? :wink: