Re-Registering Car more than 10 years old - Does Malus tax apply?

(Suzanne Fitzgerald) #1


I'm considering re-registering a LHD UK plated car which is over 10 years old (first registration 2002) but I am not sure if there will be a penalty for the emissions of the car under the malus tax scheme or not.

Has anyone re-registered an older car which has a large size engine. This car is a 4l petrol engine.

I can't find anything on the Ademe site about whether the tax applies to cars before 2004 - it only gives details of new and occasion vehicles post 2004.

Anyone got any experience of this?


(Elaine Rogers) #2

It was cheaper at the Prefecteur for us to register our car of 12 years. No problems. But no idea about a 4litre.
I always ask at ours what paperwork I need and how much? Might be worth a phone call or visit if you can. Good luck!

(Suzanne Fitzgerald) #3

I never got back to updating this but I did go ahead and re-register the car and was very pleasantly surprised as it was cheaper than 2 years road tax in the UK so definitely worth doing. I wish I’d done it sooner.