Reading Books for CP aged Children

Hi, I am wondering if anyone has any advice about French reading books for children of CP age? My son's only reading book at school is Lire CP and compared to the phonics and other reading programmes in the UK such as Oxford Reading Tree, seems a bit limiting when trying to get to grips with the language. The vocab and content in the books I have come across in the shops is varied. I have also been warned by a French tutor that the quality of some of the french books on sale for children can be varied too. I have bought all the bi-lingual ones I could find in the UK. Any ideas? Many thanks

I posted a reply before when the question was on the comment wall saying to buy from but we had this one among our 'pile' and it is good.

We bought this book for our 6 yr old on the advice of his teachers and he loves working on it. It is the kind where they write in the book and gives reading and writing practice. There are others on the same website but we bought it on