Ready Brexit

This video produced by a correspondent is very worth while viewing and recirculating. Be versed in the ways of Brexit!

Clever but is it true? I don't think so.

Excellent , well said .

More Project Fear. This sort of deliberate nonsense is also being peddled by Will Straw. But then he's his father's son. What's your excuse?

No Fear ...just posted a "Remain" Vote ..... all to play for now , the postal vote kept the fascists out in Austria , hope they do the same in the UK .

You don't answer my question. Where did you get this xenophobic nonsense from?

Sorry , my excuse is I am an intelligent thinker who has analysed the economic and social benifits from EU membership . Having voted twice to keep Britain in the forefront of the modern trading and harmonious world , I have now voted again to keep England from the hands of jingoists and self promoting individuals .

Certainly an entertaining video, but unfortunately inaccurate in some respects. Fact is that anyone who has been lawfully resident here in France for more than 5 years can apply for a Permanent Carte de Sejour which confers the right to continue to live, work, and join the health and social security systems permanently --- it just does what it says on the tin. (There is no fee payable.) Therefore Brexit is no threat at all in relation to residency or work for those of us who have been here more than 5 years already.

Alex Taylor in the video speaks about the effect on Residency, Pensions and Health care. All are prorected under EU regulations.

Concerning Residency..

1. Alex is not only concerned for current citizens, but also for future citizens as his reference to a baby shows.

2. Current EU citizens are protected for residency THROUGHOUT the EU. It is certainly true that no French Governemt is going to chuck out any law-abiding citizen of more than 5 years residence, but that citizen might wish to move to live in Italy or Spain et alia. Any arrangement in France appertaining to a 'foreigner', which is what we will all be after a 'leave' result, will not necessarily apply in Spain, Italy et al. Residency in those EU States will not be protected.

And the other matters

3. Health care costs would certainly have to be renegociated. Why should France support those of us on S1 formulas - Such would have no validity after a leave result. Would the UK really go on supporting us?

4. Pensions - Would you trust the UK to go on incrementing the State Pension each year - when it would have no legal obligation to do so? - Remember the Winter Fuel Payment saga- That might yet be corrected but only if we stay in the EU.

If you say so. But you still don't address my question. Why does the video axiomatically associate the desire to leave the EU with xenophobia? It ain't neccessarily so though that hasn't stopped Will Straw peddling the same nonsesnse.

Jon Watson - It is not clear to whom you direct your questions.

The video by Alex Taylor has no xenophobic content whatsoever. The Ready Brexit video has nothing to do with Alex Taylor nor myself. The two videos have a different provenance.

Succinct , my thoughts exactly . I hope the misguided are able to assess the situation properly, and are able to ignore the haranguing of power hungry and morally unsound parties . Without the control of the EU , these people could destroy the base democracy we cherish .

I stand corrected. But I would still like to understand the provenance of the ReadyBrek video because it's just plain wrong.

Well Brian, the concerns that you raise are of course valid, but only for a very small minority of British Citizens. Taken as a percentage of British Citizenry as a whole, we expats living in the EU are only a tiny number. The Referendum is about deciding the future of the country as a whole, and for a very long time to come indeed. I think that we all have a duty to consider the larger picture, to forego purely selfish considerations, and to do what we think is best for the majority of the UK citizenry. After all, I think that we need to accept that most people living in the UK have no desire whatsoever to live, work, or indeed be educated in Europe.

Of course, we 'the few' have needs, but those needs must be outweighed by the needs of the many.

"most people living in the UK have no desire whatsoever to live, work, or indeed be educated in Europe" What an assumptive and, I suspect inaccurate, comment Robert.

BTW, thank you for your more substantive response to my comments on the UK car industry and the UK financial services sector. As I stated, the UK has some grounds for negotiation on cars but zero in financial services. That's going to be a bloodbath :-)

As for all this digital economy and working from home rubbish, well I've been doing it since 1985 so no big change there. OK for a couple of days a week but not all the time, work is social,Robert. Look at Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc. big offices fully staffed. No major bank is going to have it's London staff turn into a digital cottage industry.

The idea the the UK can cash in on a technology driven future is interesting. I must admit that the Rasberry PI is a great little machine, as was the Sinclair Spectrum! There's a history of many UK IT innovations being adopted and exploited by, for example, US firms. The UK has never been any good at perfecting and commercialising IT "solutions" (Except in the weapons industry perhaps).That's because the US encourages entrepreneurship and doesn't punish failure. Good luck with that changimg post Brexit. .

Are you saying Ready Brek isn't "central heating" for kids?

Of course it is. But that's isn't quite what the video is saying.

The £3k per pensioner per year that the UK pays France is based on a bilateral treaty. Nothing to do with the EU.

I'm not sure myself that the "central heating" claim would stand up to today's advertising standards.