Ready for the ré-ouverture?

I have just finished speaking to Catharine and she suggested I share this post with you all…

The terraces are re-opening again as of Wednesday :plate_with_cutlery: So cue the return of the never ending WhatsApp message threads, SMS’ and phone calls seeking (often in vain) to try and organise your night out…

Alternatively you could try out this free mobile app :iphone:we’ve built called “gloo” that basically acts as a concierge service for your social life… (

How it works: You download the app, share it with the handful of friends you’d actually like to spend some time with in real life, and then gloo does the rest. We check :mag_right: on an ongoing basis to see who is close by and free to meet up :date:. When we spot an “alignment of the stars” we’ll then send you a notification suggesting you all get together. We’ll even go so far as to suggest a couple of places that should work for everyone given their dietary preferences and current location :compass:.

Getting together in real life will never have been simpler or quicker - definitely the best way to enjoy the re-opening of the economy without having to pull your hair out getting everyone aligned :slight_smile: !

Feel free to let me know if you have any questions.