Really really stuck

Hello to you all.

I am having a nightmare. I am trying to register an AE activity on line. But each time I find an activity remotely close to the one I want (not exactly the one I want) I am pushed to register with the Chambre de Metier. I can't even get past selecting the correct domain here

All I want is to register a cleaning lady/guest meeter and greeter/somebody to liaise with any workers that come on behalf of the owners. Do winter checks etc

I've tried calling the support line 0821 08 60 28 on the site but they are not available, and I am trying to avoid a trip to the office. I have registered myself but it was years ago and I don't remember it being at all difficult, in fact it was that easy I thought I must have made a mistake till all the paperwork came through a few weeks later.

If anyone has a tel number that actually works or any advise to get me past the first field on the website I would be hugely grateful. Thanks

It is driving me mad, thats for sure.

Hi Karen,

I strongly recommend a trip to the office. I got my AE registration sorted in less than an hour and it cost 20-something euros. Trying online will only lead to madness.