Really weird light and skies: Updates

Really weird light and skies today, it is almost like we are going into a sand storm, it is a yellowish orange sky, camera does not really catch it but I haven’t seen it like this for years, look at your arm and it’s like you have jaundice.


Sand storm coming in from the Sahara all over France and the UK it seems.
Don’t be tempted to wash the car with cloths or sponges or use the brush at the car wash as that will probably be full of sand from other people’s cars too…

I’ll leave washing my car until afterwards then :smiley:

Thanks Graham that will explain it :sunglasses:, better keep the cars under cover then :yum:

I noticed that the top of my post box appeared to be dusty this morning - I could squiggle my name on it. And the sky, here in Charente Maritime, is definitely slightly sandy coloured.

@Griffin36 - your pictures are good and show what it is really like.
Here near Parthenay, we’ve got this situation too. It’s almost as if you can taste it - just like a light powder in your mouth and my eyes feel a bit sore and gritty after being outside for a little while.
And don’t be tempted to rub at it, especially on polished surfaces like your car. It will only scratch it.
The thing we can’t understand is that there doesn’t appear to be a strong wind to carry it.
Good job the washing isn’t on the line yet - that’s going to be dried indoors today!

Phew… so relieved to see this thread… it’s not me going barmy.

I’d mentioned to OH that it looked very odd out there, as I flung back the curtains around 7am… he took a peak and said “almost like sand…” (clever chappy).

Hmm… the laundry is out on the line and will have to take its chances… luckily (for me) it’s mostly OH’s bits and bobs…

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Charente Maritime

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I must confess to wondering if Putain has pressed the button…

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“Polished”? “Car”?


:laughing::laughing: after going for a walk everything is covered in fine sand/mud, I built a load of rattan furniture yesterday, wish I hadn’t now :roll_eyes:

We are in the middle of a howling gale, coming up from the south. Been roaring around all night. (Lot et Garonne)


Likewise. Howled all night and still gusting now.

Luckily, we’re tucked away below the ridge line in a tiny valley and the worst of the weather blows around the valley or over our heads.

That’s the first thing I thought when I opened my eyes and saw the yellow light through the curtains! And the second was “putain, we washed all the garden furniture yesterday,”


No sign of it here. We were up reasonably early but perhaps it didn’t make it this far north…

I can just about remember those kind of nights from my prime!

Do not worry there will be some rain to wash it off quite soon.

The forecast for us for a while actually isn’t to bad :relaxed::sunglasses:

Bottom line is that the sand/dust is actually good for the planet…

En revanche, ces poussières sont plutôt bonnes pour notre planète. Elles sont d’une importance vitale pour les plantes et les océans. Les fragments minéraux qui composent le panache de poussière du Sahara sont souvent riches en fer et en phosphore, essentiels aux plantes terrestres et aux phytoplanctons, comme le souligne National Geographic.

Same here!