Reasonable rental properties rare in France? Chime in PLEASE

My hubby's French, I am eligible for Fr citizenship next Feb. We're thinking of moving to Fr. from L.A. within 5 years or so. We have his parents, (whom are great) living near Montélimar with room for us until we get settled.

We don't want to be far from them, and want to stay in the south. Aix en Provence is too expensive, Marseilles to big and dangerous, (too much like L.A. I'm afraid). So I was looking at Nimes. Well, a little outside, for we're trying to get into more green around us, sick of cement over here. We wouldn't mind a 15-20 minute commute. In Nimes they have fine hotels and restaurants where my hubby could work as a (well trained and experienced) waiter, and I could do hair in a salon, and/or teach hairdressing arts at the Pigier there, (I'm highly qualified too). We're looking at all sorts of things, we're not locked into anything. We do LOVE that gorgeous hotel on the shores near the Pont du Gard, forgive me I went into dream mode there for a minute! Point being, we don't want to buy until we get settled. Vincent, (hubby), says reasonable rents, or rental properties period are few and far between. What do you SFN members think of that statement? Heck, we may even find our future in quaint little Montélimar after all, hehe