Reboursement of Impots for double glazing

Hi all

can anyone please tell me the current situation for remboursement for double glazin and loft insulation.

Som 8 years ago I seem to recall that it was 30% but I cannot recl if that was on materials and labour or just materials. I do remember that one only got the remboursement if the project was carried out by a registered enterprise.

Iwas just told however by a solar panel instaler that the rules have changed and for solar panels, one can instal them oneself and still get the current remboursement of 15%.

so anyone out there with correct up to date info please?



May I pick up on this thread please.
I am not yet fully resident in France (still have to sell my home in Greece), however I do have to make certain improvements in my French home. ie. Plan to install solar water heater; install solar venti to help heat & avoid dampness and may be have to change the heating boiler....
Can I claim tax reductions etc on suppliers, installation etc. even though I do not yet pay taxes direct in France ?

also useful is this site not only can you get the tax credit but also benefit from TVA at 5.5% on certain works.

Attention rules change end of Dec 2015. Depuis le 01/09/2014, le crédit d’impôt développement durable a évolué pour devenir le crédit d’impôt pour la Transition énergétique. Ce dispositif fiscal est en vigueur jusqu'au 31/12/2015.

I tried going down the Eco Pret Taux 0 route but it was very difficult so I ended up remortgaging at a lower interest rate for the existing mortgage and a pret travaux to pay for our new windows, insulation, wood burning boiler for ufh and solar thermal for water. I hope to get my credit impots back next May to pay some of it back!

Go and have a chat with your local tax office. I was there on Friday and we touched on this subject. They will be quite happy to go through it with you in detail and you can be sure it will be right.

The overriding condition, as Brian says, is that the work must be carried out by an approved “environmental” builder (RGE).

The taxman was saying the rules changed recently and whereas previously for example, loft insulation, you could claim back both labour and materials, but double glazing, you could only claim back the materials cost. He told me that the rule now is a flat rate rebate of 30% across the board. The distinction between the two? That is governed by when the work took place, before or after the rule change.

So as I say, to be sure, pop down and have a chat with them.