Recalled products 2022

It’s been on sale since December…

Shouldn’t need to buy bottled water anyway. France stopped plastic wrapping but pretty well invented putting water in plastic bottles.


One of my biggest feelings of pride these days is having to ask friends and neighbours for plastic bottles as we don’t have any! (Try to encourage them to stop buying them as well of course…)

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Ah…Corona. France has gone much further than that. They’ve progressed that to inventing… Have you heard of the Evian brumatiseur? Go check the price…!

I don’t mind giving a golden shower😂

We don’t know ourselves since we bought a Brita water filter jug. No lugging water home, no wasted space for storing it and no bottles going into landfill. Win, win, win :slightly_smiling_face:


They do help make excellent tea (along with fresh milk, and Yorkshire Tea obviously)

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An improvement on Britta is the Phox water filter, far less plastic waste. Not sure if they would send refills to France now but I have a good solution if they won’t.
I have already contacted them about a further improvement they could make.

I guess we’re quite lucky, our “mains” water is spring sourced and very soft and we rarely need to buy bottled water. We do gave an in line filter odour fridge for chilled water and ice making, but no discernible difference in taste/smell.

Have you ever tested before and after the filter for chlorine?
Sadly our water turned nasty for tea making after the village improved the water plant. Happier drinking filtered with chlorine removed.

No I haven’t, I’ve got my pool testing kit (DPD 1 and 2) but not sure they’ll be accurate enough

Maybe not, I tested mine with my meter and it was 0.5ppm, it is something else in our water generating the nasty taste as the chlorine would normally burn off with boiling whereas that makes it worse.


Could be, the reagents are quite pricey so until I find another test it will have to remain as is, I will test for phosphates next time as I bought fresh reagents for that one as its very relevant for pool use.

Phox news?


Get your coat John :joy:

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Get a binchotan.

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Maybe but from a filtration point activated cocoa shell is renowned for being the best

I have no disclosures to make regarding Phox water filters.

I’d better check, we buy those for the office !

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