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Does a filter clear muddy water? I always used to drink tap water, but then after a couple of cuts while they worked on the mains down the road it got very muddy for quite some time. So I started with the bottled stuff, Christaline. I didn’t like the cap which tended to deform the neck sometimes so switched to Auchan’s own brand, but lately that seems to put a film in my mouth so am thinking of switching back. As we are a non alcohol household I drink quite a lot of water and I do have a filter of some sort but I think I found it couldn’t keep up with me.

Yes a filter will clear muddy water but of course the more mud, the quicker it will clog the filter.
There are some extremely good filters on the market at varying prices but if the mud is an issue a pre filter maybe required

Thank you, as I suspected, and I think it might be hard put to keep up with my consumption. Perhaps if I can hide it from Fran, I could go back to the gin. :roll_eyes:

To be serious on that point, I did a year or so ago secrete a bottle in the fridge but she sussed it and said it was fine by her and wouldn’t tempt her back to alcohol. I know she means well but my rejection of it is so as not to do just that. In the early days of her ‘cure’ she assured me a small glass of wine at dinner was ok, but it soon increased and increased again. :slightly_frowning_face:

We have a tap… :innocent:


We’ve hard water you could stand a spoon up in :slightly_smiling_face:


Don’t you have to replace the filters regularly? Expensive and annoying? Same business model as razors and printers I think…sell the original unit for peanuts then fleece the customer for blades / cartridges / filters for the rest of their days.

Being the frugal person I am, I posted about the Phox water filter (nothing to do with them so no disclosures) but their approach to less waste products in the plastic filters I find particularly agreeable.
They also make a refillable cartridge for the Brita range range of filters. I also have a much lower cost option for the refill filter material incase they dont supply outside of the UK.

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Maybe we don’t drink a lot of water but we use about three filters a year, and that’s replacing because we think maybe we should, not because the light has come on or the water quality has changed. I can’t remember how much we paid for a big bag/box of filter we got from Amazon but I’m sure we have spent less on filters that we would on water. There’s a box to recycle the filters in Carrefour too.

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Whilst you mentioned this, Did buy some non manufacturers water cartridges in the past, noting the water passed through much quicker than the genuine Britta cartridges I am very dubious about their abilty to really remove contamination/chlorine/pesticides etc.
Slower filtration is always better filtration (from my swimming pool days)

We bought genuine Britta ones on Amazon, a “bulk” purchase of 12. It worked out at less than €6 each, so we’re using €18 worth a year and no bottles to lug home and plastics to dispose of.

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You can often get Brita Maxtra+ at £3 each.

This offer was particularly cheap.

But expensive on the plastic polution scale.
The reason for mentioning Phox was a big reduction in plastic waste.

I’ve free shipping with Amazon though, and no exchange rate stuff. I also buy our Fairy Liquid in bulk from :face_with_hand_over_mouth: We rarely use the dishwasher theses days and a five litre bucket lasts about a year.