Receipt for Carte de Sejour

We’ve lodged an application for a Carte de Sejour and received a receipt giving 7 months grace in France.

Does anyone know what status this receipt has for crossing borders?

Ie- is it considered a short stay visa perhaps?

What nationality are you?
If UK then you are still covered by the WA and FOM continues to exist until Brexit happens at the end of 2020 after which you will be required to re-apply for CdS under new arrangements (yet to be disclosed by the French Govt). That said, FOM will then be lost as a CdS will probably not infer cross border rights.

Not UK. Australian.

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Sure. Surname added.

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Is that all the receipt said… ???

which Carte de Sejour did you apply for ???

On the face of it, it seems that the idea of the Receipt is to let you do “in France” … whatever you asked for when you made your application… while waiting for the CdS to actually arrive.

Its for a 4 year Talent Passport.

So while we can quite happily stay in France for this time I’m trying to work out the status of it so we can cross borders. French Residents can cross some borders but as this isn’t Residency yet I need to work out what visa status this has, if any.

That’s a complex one Mark. Even if you do get French residency does that allow you freedom to travel in the Schengen Area? If it’s any consolation, my daughter’s in Oz and can’t get out until her permanent residency comes through :slight_smile: IMO we should all be working to simplify and hopefully eradicate these barriers but, of course, the UK is just erecting their new ones.

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Interesting question @John_Scully.
No CdS seems not to have prevented people from war torn Syria (and other such places) from traversing the continent of Europe in search of a better life in the UK once they have landed on European soil from another continent (typically from N.Africa) so why would it prevent a resident of France (holding a CdS or a French Passport/ID card) from exploiting FOM?
The borders between European states were dismantled post Schengen and I doubt they are manned to this day :thinking:

@John_Scully Certain countries are open to ‘residents’ of EU countries. They are pretty clear about that. My question is what category the CDS Submission Receipt puts us into (my wife actually as I already have residency).

Is your daughter allowed to leave OZ even after her residency comes through? Am thinking about the OZ Government rules not the airlines (which are still flying) or French entry rules (which would appear she would sail through)

BTW - I note the French Govt keeps saying that they’ve stopped processing Visa but I know from personal experience of having a Visa meeting at the local prefecture last month that this is not a blanket rule.

Hi Mark…

righto… let’s see if I’ve got this straight.

In which country do you have Residency status?

You are seeking a 4 Year Talent Passport for your wife ?

You might like to ask the Prefecture what the Receipt is actually valid for… (just a thought)

Yes Mark. It was all a bit tricky. She’d arranged her wedding here in September and then Covid struck. Based on the current restrictions if she’d left Oz for the wedding with her current visa she wouldn’t have been let back in. If she accelerated permanent residency she wouldn’t have been let out. Having taken advice from her employer (a Perth hospital HR dept.) and an immigration consultant she decided to postpone till next year. A prudent move IMO, but a big disappointment all round. .Not to speak of four or five grand on plane tickets down the toilet.

You’re probaly right Graham. Once you’re in, you’re in.

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