Received URSSAF number, yet no Carte Vitale (4 months later)

Hi Everyone,
I’m EU citizen and came to France for work. My employer registered me at URSSAF and I have received my URSSAF number, but I still don’t have Carte Vitale. It’s been 4 months since then. I’ve moved since they have registered with URSSAF to another part of Paris so I’m worried that the CV can be lost somewhere.
Is there anything I or my employer can do to find out what’s the status?
thank you for your comments/ help

Hi Martina … please will you amend your Registration to give your full name… this is a friendly forum and we like to know with whom we are chatting…



Hi Stella, sure no problem. Just for the next time, might not come across as friendly if the first thing one receive is reminder to update profile instead of receiving help for your question.

Thank you Anna:)

Hi Martina… thanks for properly completing your Registration…

Glad someone was able to answer your question.