Receiving the BBC, channel 5 in France

Hello everybody,

I would be interested to know if there are some people here living in the South of France (near Marseille) who receives the BBC, channel 5 etc...and if they use a dish to receive them which size is it? 100 cm? 120 cm? or more thanks

According to hola's site "Hola does not yet run on the Safari browser, iOS and Windows media center."
So it' seems not Shirley. Hopefully once your PC is working again.

My OH has the only Android tablet that doesn't want to use Hola. It's an Acer Iconia and Hola won't play with Kindle Fire either so Neither of us have much luck with tablets but it's great on the PC and my little Acer Hybrid.

Are any of them watchable on iPads do you know?

With PC problems gave up trying with Hola but didn’t have the Adblock extension, as didn’t know about it then. I do a
have a wire/cable that goes (across ceiling!) from my Live box to the humax freesat box with telephone type fittings at both ends, but can’t get
I-player At all - which I assume is because it’s reading the Livebox IP address, just see messages on TV saying not available in my area and yes both are paired TV reads there is internet (wifi) forgotten which now, access! The guy I bought and he installed the whole system from originally at my previous home, said he would come back after he told me I player would be arriving but then that was 18 mths ago and can’t get hold of him now. No not the guy who messed my PC up either.

You can watch from outside the Uk .

You have 2 choices via the internet.

No1 watch at the time it is shown , that may be the middle of the night sorry, to do this use the website,chose UK Tv then chose BBC This is a free service

Or Choice 2 if you are using Chrome or Firefox as a browser, you could watch on the BBC iplayer catch up service. You need to install the Hola extension, this is a free VPN extension, to either Chrome or Firefox Browsers and this will unlock the IP and will let you into the catch up service for BBC programs and other chanels even USA and Australia..

When you use / install Hola also add the ADBLOCK extension to your browser this is important as odd things attach themselves to Hola and some people find it difficult to use and say they won't use it as it's unsafe . I have personally never had a problem with it using hola in conjunction with Adblock.

Channel 5 is the only one that doesn't play with Hola on the catch up service as far as I have found, but live seems to be fine.

Hope that helps.

with Hotspotshield do you watch catchup TV? or direct TV? I have just seen what is chromecast, it seems interesting. Do you watch the UK TV through Filmon ?

I am in Corsica....I just get my British TV over the internet with a VPN...via Hotspotshield.....and now I have a google chromecast i just cast what i get on my laptop to my TV...who needs a satellite dish???