Recensement citoyen obligatoire

Hoping the collective knowledge of SFN will be able to point me in the right direction for a vital piece of paper we need! Our 18 yr old son will be sitting some public exams in the summer and also wishes to apply for his driving license. He has been told in order to do both he must supply a copy of Recensement, JDC and Service National papers - more info here, apparently required by every French National age 16. Having lived here for 11 years now he is not a French national, isn't doing his day's National Service and our local Mairie's office or Prefecture don't know what to do. He just needs the citoyen part of these papers or equivalent. I have been told to contact the British Consulate, which I have, firstly in Marseille who passed me to Bordeaux who have referred this on the the Defense section in Paris and someone will contact us. Surely this cannot be this complicated? Some lovely SFN member must have had children aged over 16 who wanted to apply for their permis or sat public exams and if so please tell me how you did it! Many thanks.

Hello, thanks for replying. Can't see why it should make any difference if they are male or female. Was your daughter not asked for these papers when she applied to do her code? My son has now approached 2 driving schools and both have said he must have them, and lycee are also asking for a copy for his exam entry this summer. I'm just not sure where to go now to find out any further information and I can't believe its really this complicated?

I have a daughter 21 now, Sat exams and passed driving test without any problems but not sure if its different for boys