Recensement de la population 2023 - Update

Well, it is a permanent second home so I reckon that’s OK. It’s just that my “first home” is not in France.

Interesting that I got the same error in typing in the address as given on my letter that I did for the energy cheque stuff. Solved if I preceded it with https:// though…

Am I the only one who gets this sort of problem? If so, I wonder why I get it, since presumably other peoples’ browsers automatically fill in the https bit :thinking:

Done on line… took more than 20 minutes though going round in circles trying to get past the names, DOB etc fields.
To get through this, I only entered one person, then went back then forward again and added the second person.
I think the system was looking for an entry in each of the blank lines provided. Deleting the unused/ not required ones would have worked just as easily but the reason for the error wasn’t clear at this point but became apparent after just entering one line and being able to move forward without it throwing an error.
Sloppy error trapping :roll_eyes:

That’s interesting, Graham. I had no problem with this but had to pick a single name at the beginning because that was what they specified since they wanted a single point of contact. Then after saying that there were 2 people in the property, they duly asked for details of both and the confirmation email actually came through to both of us.

Edit: I didn’t try to delete the blank lines or anything, just carried on and it happily accepted what I’d done…

nor did I when I managed eventually to get it to move on - just by entering one name (without deleting the other blanks lines) so my suggestion of deleting the blanks was pure speculation - I didn’t actually do that - I just assumed that it would have worked that way in the end.

Ah I see… I entered 2 names when I got to that bit. Would it not take your two?

Nope… not until I only entered one then went back and added another…

That’s weird, @graham. Didn’t happen to me I wonder why you were singled out for special treatment? :rofl:


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Latest Info:

Today, 24th… we’ve just received our “Recensement 2023 Notice d’information”… giving our codes for the Online process…

“Réponse souhaitée avant le…” (with 27/01/23 written in biro)…
and the explanation that if we have NOT replied Online before “that date” we will be visited by the Agent who is responsible for the Census in our commune.

The Agent will be able to provide/help with paper Census for those who can’t do it Online…


Our date was 23rd and we had no problem doing the on-line thing - very clear, I thought. However, there are several people assigned to going the rounds to help, so I imagine most people here will be well on the way to being sorted, one way or another. I must admit I thought that census enumerators were a thing of the past but am VERY pleased to find that they aren’t! :smiley:

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did you get an email confirming you’d “done it” ???

I’ve done mine before lunch today… and was promised an email… but nothing so far… perhaps tomorrow.

I know it’s been logged-in 'cos I tried to do it again and was gently told "you’ve already done it, relax and go back to your Kitchen… " (well, something like that… :wink: :wink: :wink: )

is it in your spam folder?
Ours came through within minutes of completion.

nope not in Spam… ah well… it’s done and that’s enough…

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At a committee meeting last night… I actually got to chat with the lady who will be knocking on doors re Insee… I explained that I’d not yet got my email of confirmation but she seemed quite happy…
Seems she should be receiving an SMS telling her I’ve “done it”… and is pleased to think she’ll have one less person to visit…

Yes I did. Like Graham it arrived immediately. Hope your enumerator pal gets her text message soon… :hugs:

maybe you mistyped your email address in that case and it’s bouncing around the ether trying to find you :wink:

Morning All

Bit of advice.

We are currently in the Uk until mid Feb.

Do we need to complete this, as we are not in a position to receive any notifications

heads up anybody ?

You will need to return to France on a donkey. Be careful, your wife is likely to give birth, a surprise I know. Son will be very handy though and save you a few euros, no more buying wine, very thrifty in the kitchen with fish and bread, no ferry costs for future trips to uk, you’ll be able to walk across the channel.


Yes I think you are, @andyw . Not sure how you’d go about it without the special code though. Perhaps ring your mairie since they seem to be the people who issue the code, then you can do it on-line?

Another thought - I think higher up the thread there is a link to check whether your commune needs to do it at all?