Recommend a good ISP please?

I recently changed from Orange to SOSH because the package looked good and cheap. Well it seems to offer free call everywhere EXCEPT free calls to UK mobiles - which in fact is all I really want.
Can anyone please suggest a package - my requirements are intenet + phone + SIM. I need very little data for the SIM and I don’t want TV but I do want free calls to UK mobiles.
Thanks in advance

None of the French operators offer ‘included’ ( not free!) calls to UK mobiles. If they do offer that option it will be pretty pricey. Landlines easy but non French mobiles not so easy. Unless of course anyone knows differently…?

If you need to phone family and friends on their mobiles it’s straightforward to use messenger, FaceTime or any of the other similar formats.


I use Skype… as well…

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And Google Duos, Google Hangouts…:slight_smile:

sounds more like a chocolate biscuit … :wink: …do they really exist ??

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Here they are Stella :slight_smile:


They look useful… basically there is something for everybody… just needs to be investigated and make a choice… :relaxed:

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Skype has subscriptions for UK/European/NA/etc landlines and/or mobiles.

I don’t use skype in any paying sense… I use the freestuff…

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You have the internet, no subscriptions are necessary. I speak to my children in the U.K. and NZ using FaceTime and messenger using either video or audio according to the signal available. I have never had to phone them on their mobiles using a conventional connection and having to pay for the privilege.


Orange do free international calls on their most expensive tariffs - but Orange’s most expensive are a bit eye-watering.

Skype etc, seem the way to go if it is for family+friends.

To mobiles Paul?

According to their website - eg Jet Go100 which offers

But at just shy of 60€ a month it’s a bit rich even for me.

The immediately lower option (40€/mo) offers calls to US/Canadian mobiles.

As I said eyewatering prices.

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I’m with orange France for €39.99 a month…unlimited internet…all landline calls all inclusive to any landline number in France or uk…plus French mobile (which I never use except to confirm forgotten passwords…!) this means I can talk to my mom in uk 3 times a day often amounting to a couple of hours a day…as she only has a landline…I still have my uk mobile (with GiffGaff) and top up £10 every 3 months…At home my mobile is connected so I use watsapp to communicate with my kids…I’ve always got £30 worth of credit with giffgaff and peace of mind that away from home I can make emergency calls for breakdown etc…and my family can always contact me should the electric go off…There are probably cheaper ways of doing it but I can’t fault Orange for their customer service…x :slight_smile:

thanks Helen.
It is funny that you mention giffgaff because I am having probelms with them too!.
They cannot understand that the UK is in the EU and make it difficult and expensive for you when you are in France. I could not understand why my credit kept running our so quickly so I looked at my usage; I kid you not - have a look at the attached below - NO USAGE but a heafty charge for ‘roaming’ ! - how can you roam but make no usage !

I don’t understand why you use your U.K. mobile for emergencies when you have an Orange mobile. UK mobiles are fine for making calls but many French companies will not call back to them. Your French mobile is a much safer bet.

That shouldn’t be hard to sort out.

This has been discussed before I think - the networks offer “roaming” for short term trips, not constant use.

Mmm… you’re so right David…

Recent dealings with EDF for a newcomer… EDF asked for a mobile contact… we gave them the UK one, which they hummed and hahhed about and then they asked for a French number… any French number…please… so I gave them mine.:roll_eyes: and the newcomer is organizing a dual sim card for their mobile phone… yeah :relaxed: