Recommend an architect in the Cher - Sancerre area?


Now that the structural engineer’s come out to look at the property I want to purchase, I’ve got a good idea for what’s in store for renovations.

I’m not sure I want to buy, in fact, until I learn from an architect about what the renovations would entail.

Would anyone have any recommendations for architects who work in Centre - specifically Cher area? I would like to look into a renovation project. It’s a small project, in the town of Sancerre, to renovate a small apartment where it will need a wall or two that are wood-framed (not stone), to be re-framed in new wood. That kind of thing.

I have never worked with an architect before; is this the right approach?

Thanks for your patience with a brave neophyte who wants to explore all of the angles before plunging in. I’m willing to invest in this learning curve, and pay for what I think perhaps is called a relève (?), from an architect, if it can save me misery down the road.