Recommendation for expat services company

Can you recommend any expat services companies (ideally near Montpellier)? I’d like one that helps choose the best visa type for my situation, helps form a company (if that would be best), can recommend an insurance policy that can be suspended between applying for the visa and arriving in France and that can convert to a top-up plan after getting a carte vitale, and once I’m in France, can help with everything that I’ll need to handle. Thanks.

Edit: My wife (53) and I (58) are U.S. citizens and residents. My French level is around DELF B2 and hers is around C1. We’d like to take a visa path that could lead to permanent residency or citizenship (and some blogs have said that a tourist/visitor/retiree visa cannot). I telecommute to a U.S. company and I have a U.S. startup that will be launching a service later this year.

@fabien may be able to help with insurance requirements

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Do you speak French? Or are you looking for English speaking immigration support services?

(I’ve never applied for a Visa D, but does it require insurance to be in place when you apply rather than once you have arrived and are requesting a titre de séjour?)

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Hi Martin… I may have missed this… are you an American Citizen ??? or a Brit who is simply living there… ???

I only ask, since I think there might well be different routes to go when applying for stuff in France (CdS etc) … depending on one’s nationality…


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Thanks @james for tagging me :wink:
Happy to help if I can as we definitely have a (one of kind in France :wink: ) policy compatible with the requirements for the visa / carte de séjour and that can be suspended / switched to a top-up health insurance once you’re accepted into the system (but we can also help with other stuff like car insurance and converting your foreign insurance history/NCD into it’s French equivalent and we definitely can advise on anything in regard to insurance :stuck_out_tongue: ).
You can get in touch here or have a look at Fab French Insurance or write to me directly

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Not required for EU citizen indeed but have had reports of some prefectures being a bit picky and requiring some of the formality post Brexit to be done (they consider that the visa lasts at least a year and that within that year they will no longer be European so they make it difficult). But of course it will be like that for everyone eventually (I mean all British citizen). So much is happening, what a time to be alive isn’t it?

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Plus ca change plus c’est ne pas le meme chose.

Visa D is non-EU only I think, and applied for before you get here? It may be what UK nationals will have to do eventually but I assumed the OP was American.

Jean Taquet is a French lawyer who is married to an American and lived in the US for quite some time. He now focuses on helping Americans with all aspects of moving to France, including immigration matters. He publishes a monthly newsletter online. His March issue addresses your situation. You could probably access this issue through his website at Good luck!

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Hi Mantragirl. Thanks. I’ve looked at Jean’s blog before, and while it can be informative and entertaining, I’ve been very frustrated by the site’s lack of organization, when searching for a particular topic. I have, however, considered contacting him, as he seems very capable of helping.

Yes, I’ve had the same trouble finding specific topics but he’s really good at answering questions and will forward the appropriate issues. He really set me straight when I moved here after I’d read so many conflicting and confusing personal accounts and stories.