Recommendation of artisans near to La Roche Posay?

Afternoon all!

We're looking at the purchase of an ensemble near to La Roche Posay - an ensemble that requires a lot of work ranging from underpinning (there are a lot of cracks) through to plumbing and electics.

We had been looking to purchase the property outright and then raise finance to carry out the works ourselves as and when, however we've hit an obstacle in that no one will lend unless the works are invoiced by an artisan. Of course, I can understand why this might be the case - the ensemble we're looking at has been 'renovated' by an English guy using twin and earth and British fittings, and his plumbing has to be believed. However, my skills and experience are substantially better.

So, we're having to reconsider our options and maybe shelve the dream unless we can find artisans to complete the works to the required standard at the appropriate cost.

Are readers able to make any recommendations for any registered builders in the La Roche Posay area who might be able to take on this project?

Many thanks,


John, hi

It's highly possible the place we're planning to buy is the same one as you mention - it's certainly been on the market for while...

Did you have any luck with a name/contact?

Best wishes,


Martin, I heard mention of a place just as you describe which is only 15 mins from us a few years back, can't be that many locally. There are some people locally, I will ask the relatives as the chap has just done some work for them on foundations and beefing up the current water protection/flood defenses.