Recommendations - accountancy & best registration options

Will be moving to live in France in August.
Can people suggest/recommend Accounts please? No problem dealing with UK business accounts, is the France side will need some help with. Especially in the first year. Research suggests that this investment can pay for itself?
The plan is to earn a living from a few different options. Some internet based and international, some based in France. As income will be diverse, and due to other family income considerations, looking for suggestions/recommendations on Advisers, please.
Thanks in advance.

That might be a bit of an awkward fit in France. The mindset here is that you choose one activity and specialise in providing that service. As regards self employment you can only have one business registration per person, you can’t register several different businesses in your name. It is possible to include different activities within the same business registration but normally they need to have a logical connection, not just a random collection of activities. France is very protective of its trades as regards competition, qualifications and all that sort of thing, It’s a less flexible mindset from the UK where you can be a jack of all trades and as long as you pay your tax, nobody is really bothered how you earned the money. So if you are looking to set up several different businesses in France you would certainly need advice on this. Suggest you start off by talking to your local chamber of commerce or centre de formalités d’entreprise or whatever services operate in your commune.

Just to add, although you’re probably aware - if you run an internet or international business as a French resident, then that business is necessarily based in France and needs to be registered as a French business entity. The deciding factor is where you yourself are located, physically, when you do the work, and not where your customers are.

Thank you Anna, that is really very helpful.
I already have 2 companies in the UK which I had planned to continue to operate - all be it that I will be based in France and some activities MIGHT take place in France. So is most useful to know, in advance, that this might be an issue.
Airbnb will be one ‘activity’ (letting out 1 or possibly 2 rooms) - which may or may not need to be registered, but certainly adds to overall income. Plan on setting up a bespoke Boarding Cattery next year - so cat hospitality rather than human!!
One of my companies will be selling products throughout UK and also plans to sell in France. In this case the supplier will be in the respective countries.
You can see how it starts to get a bit complicated.
Will follow advice on this.
Wanted to do as much as can in advance of moving over, so that we have some things set up (and continuity of income) whilst moving in. So a bit more “digging” and looking into options beforehand, then.
Much appreciated.