Recommendations for budget Android tablet please

We would like to get a tablet computer for our 11 year old son. We think this would be a better option than a DS or gaming console.

Can anyone recommend a sub €100 device please?



splash out and buy a ipad mini ....worth the extra and will still be worth 75% of the cost in 3 years time !!!1

Thank you. Now even more confused!

Hi, I am sorely in need of some practical help! Close to wanting to get a tablet and thought the nexus 7 but in view of the above comment wondered if there is any more info on the rumours. Should I wait?

My questions: why can't I buy a tablet in the UK? Does it make any difference to what I can buy in the future; books; films etc? And, having lost the latest Rick Stein during a storm, can I get catch-up?

Any help/advice would be wonderful. Thank you

Looks good Nick and as I am happy to wait a while this could be the one

Samsung have just launched their new Galaxy Tab 3 - budget Android tablet for around $150, when it ships. The specs are pretty decent, and would be more than enough for most peoples use.

It will mean hanging on a little while - but it could well be the one to look at ,as well as the reduced priced Google Nexus 7 , after Googles refresh event on the 15th May. They are bringing out new models and are rumoured to be reducing the prices of their existing models.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 3

They were selling some sub 100 euro models in Al Campo with Android 4.0 installed. I doubt they would be the fastest , but would be a capable machine, and you could give it a test run when in the shop to see if it fits the bill, they had plenty of other models to compare it with. As mentioned earlier , stay away from really cheap capacitive screens as on a tablet they are horrid to use.

The Acer Iconia B1 is a good unit at just over 100 pounds and the Google Nexus 7 is a great device if you can stretch the extra few pounds.


Apologies for the Ideal World red herring. Apparently they only send "certain craft items" internationally. Should have checked their site more carefully.

A chastened Al

Thanks :)

The Ideal World shopping channel in the UK is pushing tablets quite heavily now and they ship to France for £9.99. I've dealt with them before, albeit not for a tablet, and they're very efficient.

Their tablets aren't generally the best-known brands but, from the TV presentations (worth a look if you've got time on your hands and are interested in these things), they seem to be competent enough pieces of kit. They come with a UK plug for charging, but an adapter or new plug would sort that easily. It may be worth checking their website. Free Flash players seem to be available for Android up to version 4. Not sure about the latest version. Ideal World regularly have tablets under 100 euros.

I'm delighted with my Archos 80 G9 Turbo (bought from QVC), but that's a bit more expensive.

Good luck in your search


That's a really good point Brian - thanks - will enquire! x

Some great advice thank you all. I think he would prefer a tablet as whilst it may not be excellent for gaming he'll get more out of it, he does like to research stuff on the internet and if we can provide a tool for him to do that I think it would be better.

Re: Games for android tablets. There is heaps and heaps and heaps of them. Far too many to count.

Many are free and bitorrent takes care of the paid for ones ;)

Try and avoid 'Capacitive' screens (they are awful) and see if you can find a cheap tablet with a 'Resistive' screen instead.

All the nice touch screens you ever meet are the latter type.

Check this:[comparateur-cpc]-60008[shopping]-[shopping]

Do not buy an ARNOVA child pad (99€) - it's terrible, we have sent ours back twice (sine Christmas) complete waste of money. On other hand our daughter has a Kindle Fire (not HD) and it's great, we managed to buy it when it was on offer for 99GBP

Here is one that just fits the budget:

I have no personal experience of these, yet; I wish I could get the Ainol Novo 9 Spark for my upcoming birthday ;-)

Try getting a french one .. you can look it up on IT Works has the cheapest at 65 € and acer's iconia is close to 125 €

Hi james

I've just got an ACER Iconia B1 7" tablet. I got the 16gb one but they do an 8gb and it was from QVC. I've found it great