Recommended kennel in south West france

Hi there,

Looking for a nice dog kennel in South West France for two dogs during the Christmas 2018 holidays, Gers, Lot et Garonne, Haute Garonne or Landes. Does anyone have any idea? Would like a couple of walks a day and some TLC the rest of the time?



Pension Animaux in Pages Jaunes… will find some of them…

Hopefully someone will chime in … who has used some experience…

Is this too far? I’ve no experience of the place so I’m not recommending, just suggesting.


Bit late to be booking a kennel at christmas - good ones will most likely be booked by now. You might be better off looking for a dog sitter?

A dogsitter, like, say… moi? :sunny:

I have an entry about my skills/experience as a house- and pet-sitter, posted in

There are many people on that website, who might love to help you out, ifyou’re willing to let someone stay at your home and take care of your lovely dogs?

Just a thought. Good luck!


Luckily managed to find a kennel, knew it was last minute planning for Christmas! An unexpected death in the family changed our plans otherwise all would have been organised ages ago.

Might well try a dog sitter another time! Thanks for all your remarks.

Glad you got sorted … and sorry for the reason you had to… :relaxed: