Recovering deposit monies

Please be aware of an unscrupulous builder Alan Thompson of AKE Petite Travaux of Deux Sevres,

who takes deposits, does not complete the contracted works and then refuses to refund monies

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An advert in English, with no Siret number would have me wary to start with.

Hope you’ve not lost too much money. This falls under consumer issues, so you could seek mediation in first instance:

If that doesn’t work check if you have the legal option in your house insurance to take him to a small claims court.


The guy has been a registered builder since 2007 according to this -

I would just keep pushing him or even turn up at his house.

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I would assume this was in an English speaking publication, surely you’re not suggesting everyone who advertises in likes of Etcetera, Living Magazine, The Bugle, Living France, etc etc would make you wary?


Whoops, didn’t see Siret. I guess I don’t look at much (anything) that has these sorts of ads, but happy to believe they exist. The local flyers are all in French.

Did you get anywhere with Alan? I’m having similar problems.

Irony :rofl: Dodgy builder having problems with an (allegedly) dodgy builder

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Hi, I too seem to be having a few problems, has anything been resolved with yours. Ive put mine on hold until the spring, better weather, hopefully

Still holding out for a deposit refund over two years after agreeing the work and it not being done. Avoid at all costs.