Recovering social security number

How could we go about finding out our social security numbers, we lived and worked in France in the 80’s and 90’s
Then moved to New York for twenty years and are now back in France for our retirement. We probably have it somewhere but all our stuff is still in storage in USA.

Hi there
Suggest you go to the Social Secu office in the town where you were registered, with some details of your identity. They should have everything computerised these days
Good luck

Yes, if you ask the caisse that you paid into, they should be able to send you the numbers no problem.
I worked here in the late 70s, then not again until 2007 by which time I had well lost all the details but I contacted my last employer in France, they told me which caisse to write to, with name, date of birth and details of last employment, and the answer came back surprisingly quickly.
Only problem was, which still isn’t resolved, that although they had a record of my sécu number they don’t seem to have any record of my pension contributions. That’s been on the to-do list for years now - I really must get round to it this year…