Red Specs

Have I missed something? We used to have Black Squares who ignored the invitation to post a picture of themselves we now seem to have Red Specs. At least that's what they look like to me and my dim lights. Is this a change in policy or merely stylistic?

I see what you mean, actually that it the permalink icon which appears next to all profile pictures, the new icon for new members is actually solid white (invisible on this background). I will alter it a little.


can't remember how to do screen grabs James but there are some at the bottom of this page. i hope your upgrade goes well. The knuckle grazer's gazette seem to have made a complete pig's ear of its own.

They are just white squares though, I'm not sure what you are seeing, if you want to do a screen shot I'm happy to take a look.


Just a style change David. We'll be upgrading the site completely in a few days so more changes to come!