Red wands?

A UK colleague has just posted a blog quoting London’s self isolation orders in 1583. Strangely similar to today in many ways although it seems you were better looked after by the City authorities in that they provided a “shopper” if you needed one. Time must have passed slowly though. What to do all day? Count your fleas?

(@cat - hope it’s OK to share this since it isn’t a monetised blog, it has no adverts and no revenue generated by visitors or clicks. Just thought it might be of interest, and maybe help us all take a step back.)


Love the idea of counting your fleas!

Confused of Charente - why red wands?

Social distancing. When a person went out of self isolation to shop they had to carry a long red stick to ensure they kept the right distance.
I suppose it was red to make it easy to see?

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ah… thanks :+1:

And if someone got too close, they could whack them with it - probably why its red :thinking: