Ref**m contract

Just been reading about the ref**m manifesto, called a contract. Whatever planet are they on promising all that without making the money to back it up? Obviously for those “bungalow Bill” types (nothing upstairs) to swallow and vote for them but the UK would soon be bankrupt and those calling for such measures long gone to warmer climes. The only way to save the NHS would be to start charging for time wasters and cut out too much management as well as getting working people to pay their way such as we have here and in other countries.

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For once be thankful for the FPTP voting system. They know they will not be called upon to prove it.

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They know they’re not a serious contender for governing the country and it shows in their “people’s contact”. It’s all jam tomorrow.

But, as you say, there will be some who like what they hear and won’t (or perhaps can’t) question the feasibility of their proposal… That’s who Farage and Tice are aiming this at.

However, we shouldn’t underestimate them. Farage is good at playing the long game and he has rich friends who’ll finance it. This year they’ll get a few voters on their side, maybe win a couple of seats. But it’ll gradually start to snowball. They’ll never win enough seats to even be the opposition, but they’re probably not going away either.

An analysis by Ed Conway at Sky News, who I rate highly…

Hahaha :rofl:

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Someone observed that the word “Reform” reminded them of the nasty chopped and reformed “meat” used to make cheap burgers.

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Holed it in one! This is nothing to do with the Reform Party, it is all about keeping the Farage train rolling.

Did anyone listen to the Today prog , I think yesterday, where a very good scenario was mooted: Farage wins his seat. Farage waits a bit in the opposition benches keeping his name alive with snipes at Labour. When the time is right, Farage crosses the floor to the Tories. Tories have a leadership election. Farge becomes leader and spends time smooching with Trump. Next GE, UK has Farage as PM… :rofl: :rofl:

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By which time I hope to be permanently resident in France!

We may have Le Pen and Bardella by then :exploding_head:


This amused me enormously.

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Quite, there’s no reason to assume France will manage their crisis any better than the UK.

I think there is more reason to think France will manage things better than the UK. We have a standoff in France, which may avoid or delay a crisis. The UK seems to have been in crisis for some time now. Although there are some green shoots.

Green shoots such as FX rates against the US$ having got better - or rather the US$ is taking an even bigger pounding than the £sterling. And this will continue and probably get worse for the US$ (==> better for the £sterling) between now and November, particularly after the UK election.

Still waiting for a coherent plan from Starmer. The “not-Rishi” proposition is clear, and attractive as poor Rishi has the misfortune to lead the other party, that’s really lost it. And I’m seeing some soundbites for things here and there that Labour is proposing. But still hoping to see a full proposal of what Labour will do and where is the money coming from.


Apart from history :face_with_hand_over_mouth: Remember '68. Remember the Gillet Jaunes. There is a beneficial tension between the State and the populous in France which doesn’t exist in England (I say England because Scotland, Wales, and NI, don’t really matter, they never have). Examples are the massive peaceful marches in support of Gaza and the demonstrations in favour of climate actions which have been ignored, apart from introducing repressive legislation that even the rabid dogs in the Met say are OTT. The French are not so easily suppressed, here there would have been concessions or consequences. I’m happy with that activism.

Macron has courage and conviction, Sunak and Starmer have neither. Let’s see how things here unfold.

@billybutcher said much the same a few days ago. He could well be on the button.

Very contentious :face_with_hand_over_mouth: though I’m always in favour of cutting overhead. Working people already pay through their taxes, should they pay again? The whole system looks like a mess to me, hospitals, trusts, etc. etc. It’s a mess that needs root and branch reform. But there are so many vested interests and lobby groups I can guarantee you that little Wes Streeting, nice guy that he is, is a lamb to the slaughter, he has SFA chance of making change happen. “They” will run rings around him.

They are ALL lying Shiba, it’s just a matter of degree. It’s all bullshit, nobody knows what will happen next week let alone in one, two or five years time. None of these plans or promises are serious. Look at HS2, nearly fifty years after the TGV was introduced between Lyon and Paris (I was on it soon afterwards :slightly_smiling_face:) England (where trains were invented) is without a high speed network. That’s sixty years of a lack of vision. None of these bastards Left, Right or Centre have a vision for the future of the Country.

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An easy soundbite but I’m curious which management you would cut out and who would do those functions instead. We all know the lazy tropes about diversity officers but those numbers are tiny.

According to Nige & co.

Zero NHS waiting lists in two years …… :joy: :rofl: :rofl:

The idea that the NHS spends too much money on managers and administrators is just plain wrong. It doesn’t. The NHS currently spends about 2p in the £ on managers and administrators. The French health service spends three times that amount. It also spends much less than just about any industry that needs management (i.e all of them). The clamour by politicians of all flavours to claim that the NHS wastes money on management is just political posturing and by the Tory government is an excuse to blame the NHS itself for the problems it has.

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Imagine trying to run a trust on insufficient funding and being told by that shower of wasters in government, and their enablers, that you’re the cause of NHS woes.
The NHS is failing by design. Its being set up for privatisation.

Is he taking the p? Does he really think the electorate are that gullible?

Or…are they?

It worked the last time

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