Reforming the Chasse 2018

He is certainly not, getting more popular :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

that would be a pity.

I agree, but I fear it’s a fact :roll_eyes:

i do not think he cares, what he cares about is getting the job done.

I think he will care Harry, he’s a politician :roll_eyes:

all depends. He may be thinking what can I get done instead of what do i do to be re elected. strange to think someone would look to getting the job done over being popular and doing nothing productive

OK Harry :roll_eyes:

Revulsion associated with hunting wild animals for ‘sport’, will eventually match that felt regarding the ivory trade, whale hunting (for research?) and rhino horn (homeopathic 'viagra), for example.

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Yes, the “sport” side… will hopefully reduce… and the “conservation” side will come, once again, to the fore…:relaxed:

The reason for La Chasse where I live is to protect the grape vines from rabbits eating the bark and snakes and mice getting in the harvest of the crop! The hunters do wear safety jackets but they sometimes shoot eah other and their dogs who have been starved for 2 days before hand so that they root out the vermin!

Great ‘Sport’ :roll_eyes: :unamused:

I can’t help myself showing you this video from “Les Inconnus”, about what is a good hunter compare to a bad hunter. If you’re a hunter, please don’t take it badly, that’s just a caricature :slight_smile:


Bienvenue à SF Babeth, peut-être que nous pouvons voir une photo de vous, si vous souhaitez, avec votre profil :slight_smile:

J’ai beaucoup ri, je suis sûr que je reconnais certains des mecs sur ce film, peut-être qu’ils sont de la chasse ici!
Merci de’ poster’, j’ai’ piqué’ pour mes amis français! :rofl: