Refuelling in Calais: Histoire Ancienne Restaurant, well worth a look

...Probably well known to those in the know, but here's my take on it - as shared

As a gourmand, my criticism of French cooking centres the insularity of the styles, and the ubiquity of certain dishes. After a weary trip to Calais, with the prospect of a night ferry and long drive, we trudged through the drizzly streets of this diminishing French port city, more in hope than expectation of finding a decent repast. We passed the moules mariniere and pommes dauphinoise merchants, seriously considering whether to give in to the inveitable McDo, ...and suddenly I spied this restaurant....Fixed Price menu EU18.50 - Interesting menu - Lets give it a shot!

On entering we were treated to a visual feast - a classic 1920's influences restaurant - I naturally refused the first table offered, and moved to the back half of the restaurant which was more intimate and secluded. Tables were well spaced, and the classic waiters preparation area was to the back of the restaurant. In the middle were jam jars filled with all kinds of sweets.

Anyway, the food. There are the standard three courses with a decent choice - we both has the cream of mussel soup with crispy chorizo to start - a glistening smooth and warming coup. I had the asian inspired salmon, wrapped in paper thin rice flour, served with a timbale of mixed rice; my friend had the brochette of pork, perfectly cooked with brocolli annointed with sesame oil. The tarte tartin we had to finish was perfection, as huge chunks of apple nestled together like a shy armadillo on a pastry base.

I didnt try the wine because I was driving, but sancerre at EU4 per glass was a hit.

Calais has a dining destination - albeit a bashful one - the restaurant card says "Only tell your good friends about us." Have I been naughty?