Refuges in France

(Gina Hams) #1

The first thing I would like to do is get a directory of the Rufuges in France so that anyone on Survive France knows who to contact and where.

Would you like to send me your local Dog Rescue Group and their details.

Gina. X

PS Welcome, welcome, welcome…

(Lynn STONE) #2

We got our dog Oggie through Poor Paws dog rescue in the Lot, near Montcuq.
Sue does fantastic work often with very little funds and very often tirelessly!
Sue works closely with Danielle Diczy too.

(Gina Hams) #3

Thanks to everyone who has already sent in addresses I will present them in some sort of order , when I have finished administring to my new doggie. When you read her story you will understand. So back to doing the story and sorting out Dizzy Lizzy.

Will be in touch toute suite George.


(Sandra Hanks) #4

Sheelagh and Richard run Phoenix Animal Rescue in the Dordogne and they do a fantastic job. This is where I got my dog Cesc from.

(George Nardell) #5

Hi Gina

I think you already know about Danielle Diczy ( an SPA member ) who can be found at Lasplanes 46170 Castelnau - Montratier
Téléphone : ou
Good place to start ( we found Caline there, or rather Caline found US there ! )