Refund of Social taxes and Capital Gains. European decision against France

Hi does anyone have any information with regard to this story in The Telegraph?

Thanks for your reply Debra. I wrote a long message which seems to have got lost. Suffice to say that it's all very depressing and now I think I may have to return to the UK as France seems to be determined to fleece us of everything at the same time not fulfilling it's responsibilities to us new residents. In my case refunding my health care costs to the tune of more than €5000 so far (They have received the money from the UK). And now they want a cut of any small profit for all my hard work back in the UK when I sell the two tiny flats I bought for my kids' university accommodation. Plus social charges!!!!!!!!!! The word 'corruption' springs to mind. It's all a too sad an end to a French dream I have been building for twenty years. perhaps i am just feeling sorry for myself as I know I am not alone. Thanks again for the info.