Refusing banking services to Farage

So, for quite some time he happily enjoyed the advantages of his Coutts account without any concern for others being de-banked.

One may wonder, had he not himself been ejected by Coutts, would Farage have merrily continued doing nothing about the “injustice suffered by others” he now trumpets.

The narcissist is just doing what he does best, clutching a public platform.


In fairness, he may have been as blissfully unaware of ‘ordinary’ people being de-banked as most of the less wealthy population until it happened to him.


According to Torsten Bell:

“1.1m households across Britain have no bank account. Half are in the poorest fifth of the country, and the unbanked are disproportionately young and living in a major city (where you’re four times more likely not to have a bank account than village dwellers)”

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You are too kind. :relieved:

Farage was a failed Parliamentary candidate on seven occasions between 1994-2015 and UKIP Member of the European Parliament, from 1999-2020. You would think that somewhere in that time he would have listened to members of the public he claimed to represent.

Hw doesn’t listen. He only hears himself speaking.


To me, it seems much more reasonable to attribute ignorance than intentional malice, although sloth may also be a factor.

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That seems a bit uncomplimentary to sloths :worried:


You’re right, their business account criteria is ridiculously limited, I’ve tried and unless you’re a window cleaner, plumber or such, it’s touch and go lol, so a charity or political party would never pass he muster. That said, Monzo are anecdotally shocking for account closures, at least in part because their account opening criteria was so incredibly lax. Give virtually anyone an account and it’s no surprise a significant chunk end up being used for fraud, or by people who shouldn’t have them, and then they do these huge sweeps and cull vast numbers of accounts with a load of genuine ones caught up in the mix. They’re as bad as Revolut, if not worse, but they have a banking licence so they’re far more dangerous in some aspects.

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Don’t you mean…

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That’s not a sloth it’s a sloth-bear. Not the same thing at all!

Even more cute!


You’re right! AI translation confusion :grinning:

Are you still talking about @Ancient_Mariner ? :thinking:

Or Farage? :roll_eyes:

There is zero chance of confusing Farage with anything “cute”

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You’d need to swap the e and rearrange the letters.



I need an “n” don’t I?


How sad.

As predicted I’ve just seen a headline in the financial press

“Alison Rose set for £2.4m payout following Farage scandal”

Likely written into her contract that she gets a golden parachute if let go early.

Debanking debunked… :smiley: