Register a car

I have looked through the site about the above, but I have either overlooked it or there is none.
I have been offered a very cheap car and want to know what the cost would be to register it in France?
I know I will have to have the lights changed for a CT.
Any advice please?

Gives you all the information you need. The final cost depends on the horse-power of the vehicle, where you are, etc.

Thank you Veronique,
Am I right in thinking puissance fiscale is the CC of the car?

No. Do an internet search for puissance fiscal and the make and model of the car and you should get the figure. Cars over ten years old are half price.

Just a thought… ensure the car comes with (or that you can definitely get) a Certificate of Conformity…:slight_smile:

Is a CoC still required, I thought the details were now taken from the V5?

My search for puissance fiscale is just coming up with companies that will find the details for me, for a fee!

Thank you

What is the make and model of the car? Another thing to be wary of if you are buying in France is the previous registered owner. It needs to be the person you buy from. The V5 may be used in lieu of a CoC but only if it has the correct numbers on it and the Variant and Version are complete.

It is a C5 1.6 diesel
How would one know if the numbers are correct?

The only way is to try registering the car. If the numbers are OK fine, if not you know that you need a CoC. Also check the price of the headlights before you jump in. A friend with a C5 registered it last year but he had real trouble getting lights for his because it had Xenon units. He eventually paid over €2,000 to have a new pair fitted. He was quite happy but it could turn a bargain car into a bit less of a bargain.

The easiest way to find the fiscal horsepower is look up the French tech spec for your particular model, because that will always include this figure…

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Thank you all kindly, I think I have the information I might need.