Register a French car without a permanent address-is it possible?


We are still living in our Hymer Motorhome now on a campsite at Duras , Lot-et-Caronne probably for 2 months or more until our house purchase in Gironde is complete.

To state the obvious the 6.7M Hymer is difficult to use in the same way as a car.

Is it possible to buy, insure & register a French car with only a campsite or our UK c/o address or other address?

Thanks for any advice.


Perfect. Hopefully, shouldn't be an issue now. Good luck

Thanks Clare,

We now have an attestation from the campsite owner to say we are living here until our house purchase goes through, so I think we'll be OK.


To get your carte gris you have to provide certain documents. Steve look at this link.

I think where you might have the problem is where you have to provide proof of address.

Roger: Did you find a solution to registering your car without permanent address?


The garage gave us a letter to cover us until we bought our house. I think
if we had been a permanent resident at the campsite that would have been
OK. Maybe in a mobile home you have to have a permanent campsite as a

Sorry, can’t give you a definite answer since we were in transition.

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The various possibilities are here

  • it covers every conceivable situation where a person might legitimately be living in France but not in a position to provide the usual proofs of address.
    Basically everybody who lives in France, even SDF, is obliged to have to have an official arrangement with a commune or organisation via which they can be traced/contacted, not just for car registration but also for tax, healthcare and all the other stuff that is an unavoidable part of being resident in France.
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OK cool to know. I might be in a similar boat … arriving in France next year, living out of vacation rentals for a spell yet needing to purchase a vehicle pretty much immediately upon arrival. Thanks for the follow up both of you.