Registered Translator needed

Hi all - As expected, when I finally collected all my health/pension documents and filled in the forms and visited in person the Caisse Maladie in Montpellier, the person I spoke to threw them back at me, with a snort, and said "Traducteur Assermente"! (I assume they're sent on special courses to be so rude?). I have asked around and emailed a translator someone used a couple of years ago, but they haven't replied; I was told that the Mairie in Sete had a list of registered translators in Montpellier, but another helpful lady in the Etat Civil office there insisted there was no list! I've looked online, but have the impression translation companies listed are aimed at big jobs for businesses. Does anyone know of a registered translator in Sete/Montpellier area who could translate: 1 birth certificate and two letters from pension providers, preferably by email? Or, as my old neighbour in Scotland is a registered translator, would they accept that, or must it be by a French translator?

As usual, many thanks for help to plough through all this French bureaucracy.

Thanks Marie-Antoinette

I shall give them a try.

Hi Gillian,

My name is Lisa and I work as project manager for Translation at Rossion Inc.
We have certified and registered translators that can assist you with your document.
If you could possibly send me the document, I can send to our certified team for analysis.

You can contact me at the office:

Thank you!
Lisa Tosques

Gillian here is what I found for Montpellier:

Agence 001 Traduction - Montpellier
Bureau de remise :
73, Boulevard de Strasbourg
334000 Montpellier
Tél.: 04 11 93 48 44
Fax.: 09 72 19 30 34

Thanks Liz - The woman I've already emailed is on the list, but I've found a couple more possibilites, one in Beziers and another couple in Montpellier. I shall contact them and hope someone replies. I knew I should have had translations done before going to the CPAM office and I know what you mean about being polite; I find the more I smile at them the more nervous they become. No doubt it will all work out in the end.

Hi Gillian

This is quite normal for CPAM. If you have a look at this site:

you will see that you can find out by area and department the official court assermente translators. If I am correct in thinking you are 11 (lucky you,my favourite department) then it looks like there are five.

Good luck.

We had all our stuff returned once (and that was with traductions included) after waiting two and half hours at CPAm in Limoges. Turns out they wanted a photocopy of my passport (CV was just for Hubby off my workers S1) We didnt bother to go and see them the next time, just wrote a letter and put it all in envelope hand delivered. Had the attestation within four weeks. You just have to persist with the bureaucrats and we find if you are nice to them they cant handle it and it stops them being rude.