Registering a car in the uk, and others, onto french plates

Why the angry, exclamation marked reply?

You are absolutely right it is 6 months, not 5. Down to fat fingures and a small key board.

As garagiste I’m sure you will know all the answers anyway.

Many of these companies sell you a certificate of conformity that does not come from the manufacturer, as a couple of customers have discovered.
Submitting one of these expensive pieces of paper can generate a message from ANTS similar to this -

Demande envoyée par le CERT le : 31/03/2020 10:45

Bonjour L’attestation d’identification/ le certificat de conformité versée au dossier est un faux document. Je rappelle que l’article L 441-2 du code pénal dispose que: “Le faux commis dans un document délivré par une administration publique aux fins de constater un droit, une identité ou une qualité ou d’accorder une autorisation est puni de cinq ans d’emprisonnement et de 75 000 euros d’amende. L’usage du faux mentionné à l’alinéa précédent est puni des mêmes peines”. Je saisis le Procureur de la République pour suite à donner sur le faux document dont vous vous êtes prévalu. Vous voudrez bien, par ailleurs, saisir le service homologation du constructeur pour obtenir le certificat de conformité requis cdlt

If a certificate of conformity has been signed by Michael Rubino then you best put it in File 13.

quite agree @Mark_Rimmer … I was trying to answer @captainendeavour 's comment about delays… the site I quoted was Peugeot France…

whatever, if it were me, I think I’d be going to my nearest Peugeot garage and asking their advice… lovely folk, if they don’t know an answer… they will try to find out… :wink: :crossed_fingers:

Certainly worth trying without.
The codes refer to 3 models -


Correspondance avec des codes CNIT ou type mine

Hopefully ANTS will know which one is yours.


Not angry, just surprised.
I haven’t posed a question & I did post the UTAC instructions on stickers, which I would have thought indicated that I knew about the stickers.
I didn’t think punctuation marks carried emotions which is why we have these - :wink:.

Mine was done 26/09/20 so 4 months 4 days leeway. This dispensation is instead of getting a CT, is it? If so, things like RHD lights would not be an issue. Or is there some other procedure in the process which would pick that up?

On the last of my troubles-come-in-threes-and-all-are-expensive-'cos -it’s-a Peugeot visit to the Peugeot garage in Torigni s Vire I did ask. They didn’t know but suggested the local CT station. However, with an MoT valid for CT purposes till 26/03/21 it may not be relevant.

And being closely supervised

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I changed a seat in a Citroen, took the old one out & set it on one side while I fitted the replacement.
When I finished the old one was occupied! (non angry exclamation mark). It has now become a permanent fixture…

In the workshop of my boatyard supervision was by my Border Collie. Trainee paying no attention.

The cushion is the V from the bunks right up the pointy end of some tub or other. The stuff in the b/g is miles of scrapped s/s rigging wire.

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